If you have arrived at this page and are in need of emergency response due water damage, mold, or flooding, please do not hesitate to call us immediately at (970) 252-1363. Plateau, Inc. is a water damage contractor fully equipped with drying, extraction, and dehumidification equipment in order to respond to catastrophic and chronic water damage events.

What It Is

Certain households contain musty smells, molds, and bubbles in the paint of walls as well as other symptoms; this type of water damage is not immediately recognized by an untrained person because of its ongoing nature.  This is referred to as latent water damage, often the result of an ongoing drip or moisture intrusion. Previous and ongoing water damage requires a separate set of remedial techniques than an immediate event and tends to be much more destructive.

An immediate water damage, in contrast, will not have latent symptoms associated with it, like odors and warped windows. Instead, the building will be wet– inches to feet of water in a crawlspace, water emanating from the building, or walls wicking up the moisture.

There are three separate categories of water that, dependent on the category of water involved in the water damage, elicits a different response: I) Sanitary Water, II) Contaminated Water, and III) Grossly Contaminated Water.

Prior to our arrival here are some immediate actions to minimize damages and avoid losses in an immediate, Category I event:

  • Shut off water – If the water source is not inside your building you may need to call the local utility company for services.
  • Remove high value items to a dry area
  • Electrical service and gas service may require termination

If you have Category II or III water, Plateau will generally recommend shutting off the water and contacting a professional immediately, due to the potential pathogenic hazards accompanying contaminated water. Plateau will advise you based off the colors and contents of the water whether or not you have Category II or III. If you suspect you may have latent water damage, Plateau will perform the proper testing and techniques to diagnose and solve the issue.

What We Can Do For You

  • Plateau immediately assigns contact personnel for your convenience.  All clients have 24/7 access to personnel and no question will go unanswered.
  • Plateau works directly with the building officials for proper permitting and documentation.
  • Plateau works directly with your insurance company to ensure that your job is handled properly and that your bills are approved by your carrier.
  • Plateau uses insurance industry billing software and rates.
  • Plateau will evaluate your project to ensure that it is dry and contaminant free.
  • Plateau offers warranties on all projects.

The process of diagnosing and fixing a water damage includes:

Water damage is a highly complex issue that cannot be easily solved by mass service carpet cleaning companies or similar unqualified insurance company referrals. Certain certifications are necessary because of the multifaceted nature of a building. It isn’t just the water component that needs attention, but often the structure, safety, air quality, and restoration (of materials removed) in a building.

Therefore, as a potential client we would like to offer a brief resume (including qualifications and previous clients) for your business.