Litigation Support and Expert Witness Testimony

Plateau, Inc.’s experience in forensic engineering allows us to provide information regarding water damaged and contaminated buildings in the Court of Law.

Problems with your building may not be your fault, especially if it is a construction defect. Your rights under Colorado law are described in the Colorado Construction Defect Action Reform Act at § 13-20-801 (CDARA). This law puts a serious burden of responsibility upon the contractor or building professional. The Act provides for specific remedies and responsibilities, including those of the home or building owner. There are time limitations under which you can bring suit against a builder and burdens of proof. A qualified attorney will help you understand your rights and responsibilities.

Forensic engineering is a process of documenting, analyzing, and reporting upon defects within in firms field of expertise.  Plateau specifically speaks to water damaged and contaminated buildings. In conjunction with your legal representative, Plateau can assist you in finding other qualified experts as needed to build your case. Our experience with buildings allows us to intelligently integrate with a variety of building and engineering professionals. To date, Plateau, Inc. has helped our clients successfully settle over $50,000,000 in claims both in and out of court.

Our goal is to preserve the integrity of the legal process, so we are here to help builders, too. Plateau, Inc. has also worked with property managers, tenants (conditions that render the building uninhabitable according to CRS 38-12-503), insurance companies, and owners in resolving disputes. Most often, our cases have been settled out of court and sometimes without the aid of an attorney. Some of our capabilities are as follows:

    • Water Damage Catastrophic Loss Consulting
    • Fungal Growth, Causation and Exposure
    • Landlord and Tenant Disputes including Warranty of Habitability
    • Asbestos Spills and Exposure
    • Pipe Failures
    • Odor and Emissions Cause and Exposure