Building Science: Failure Analysis and Design

Building Science is the study of how buildings react to their environment. The application of building science by our registered engineering and technical staff helps us to determine why buildings fail and how to design them to work properly. Our capabilities include analysis of building envelopes for every climate utilizing the latest visual modeling and computational thermodynamics software.

Buildings share a common set of components, assembled to form an environment suitable for occupancy. The components used in one building may be exactly the same as that in another, yet one building fails and the other does not. This is because the built environment is constantly reacting to the forces of nature and its occupants. Essentially, the building is more like a living organism than a static assemblage. Buildings breathe, move and change from moment to moment. Understanding these dynamics allows us to define the cause of failures and to design solutions that will work. In that context, Plateau, Inc. utilizes the latest technology and the best engineering science to evaluate buildings. Our job is to determine not only why they fail but how to make them perform better.

    • Building Envelope Modeling, Roof and Wall Assembly
    • Ventilation Systems design for air quality and humidity control
    • Infra-Red Thermal Imaging
    • Building Inspections including Construction Quality Assurance
    • Ventilation Effectiveness, Tracer Gas Analysis
    • Waterproofing and Drainage Inspection
    • Custom Designed Crawlspace Retrofits/Design for Improved Thermal Quality, Air Quality, and Humidity Control
  • Failure Analysis of Walls, Roofs and Below Grade Features